[Deactivated user]
So I woke up around 8 :15 am today. It was little late as compare to my usual time of waking up because I went to hospital in the middle of the last night. One of my Cousin was food poisoned and we had to take her to hospital. Anyways as soon as I got up I freshen up myself and did nature call. After that I had tea and not so long again I ate launch. After that I headed to the work place. I was there entire day looking after the workers. While looking for them in between of the day I also made a call to my friends and practice speaking. I returned home few minutes back. I'm gonna have dinner shortly may be in 30 minutes. Then I figured not long long after dinner I'll go to bed. This is how my day looked like today. Please feel free to do corrections of my writing. If you could do that for me I'll be very grateful to you. Have a good one.
Feb 15, 2021 12:29 PM