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Katie Se7en has explained the implicit meaning of her latest track, “Krinne Circle.” The Japanese DJ took to Instagram early this morning to explain her motives behind producing “Krinne Circle,'' referring to the ongoing pandemic. “Krinne Circle” was released via Mixmag Asia on Feb. 3. “This song came about as a response to the current global situation,” Katie Se7en said in the post. “What can I do as an artist? I thought of a song of cleansing, and found the sound of Krin log drum (Ghana’s traditional instrument).” She concluded by saying, “I bet people beat logs since beginning of our time for all kinds of rituals and ceremonies. In my imagination, we sat around a fire in a cleansing ritual and beat the drum in frenzy groove to drive out bad things in air!” So, now you know what she tried to express in her track. Listen to the trippy techno house track, “Krinne Circle,” while keeping her words in mind! *한국말 공부하시는 분들은 아래 링크에서 한국말이랑 같이 읽어보세요! 중상급자 이상 되시는 분들한테 추천해 드려요. :) https://theasiansculture.com/katie-se7en-shares-meaning-behind-krinne-circle/
Feb 16, 2021 1:58 AM