This topic makes me have to recall those tough days during the pandemic in 2020. Suddenly, with the pandemic breaking, everything becomes difficult. Shops closed, transportation stopped, people couldn't go out at their will. Even if you go shopping for some essential household items, you still have restrictions. If there was an advantage, and if it could be counted as an advantage, that is that you didn't need to go to the office anymore. We always want to escape from daily work and always want every day to be a holiday, but once all that comes true, like pandemic days, do you feel happy? Although you don't need to go to work and you are allowed to watch TV all day long at home, you definitely don't feel happy at all. So everything should be to a certain extent, too much or too little is all wrong. Fortunately, those tough days have passed, and I never ever hope it comes back again.
Feb 26, 2021 1:53 AM