How to make things funny? I learned it from TedTalk and I want to share with you there. The philosopher said:” Comedy =tragedy *Time” . If the tragedy happened to your friends, you should be there! For exemple, after many years, the tragedy had passed and then you can help your friend to remind it. -“Hey, dude? Remember who cried very loudly on the street when had broke up with his first girlfriend?, wa....aaaa...wa aaaaa” -“ that’s me! And who had drank a lot and then had slept on the street like a dog for a whole night?” -“Hahahahaha” The comedy above is called benign violation which is very gentle and very relaxing. Pure benign is not funny, malign violation is not funny, only benign violation can make people laugh a lot! The person who is cutting his finger is not funny, but the person who is walking into sewer and die is funny 😆 (it’s pun by the way) Moreover, the people who fall down from stairs but not hurt is funny The people who fall down from stairs but hurt badly is not funny. Unless it’s not you! That’s all for today Thanks in advance.
Feb 9, 2022 3:16 PM