As I mentioned before, my daughter took an international exam last weekend to be certificated as a physical therapist. She is going to get the result on March 24. I thought there is no point in thinking that too ahead if she will pass it or not right now, so I have been meaning to talk to my family about cerebrating her for her ever effort and hard work even though we have yet to know the result. My family were off coincidently and I had everyone at home today. When I talked to them about my suggestion, they gave my proposal their blessing. My wife and son said to me, "Since everyone is here today and she finished the exam the other day, what do you say to eating out today to cerebrate our daughter?". To be honest, I wanted to have a surprise for her, but just as I expected, my wife, son and daughter reached agreement immediately and decided to go to Yakiniku restaurant where we have never been to. That's why I thought might as well play along with it. I was so happy to see my family having a great time.
Feb 27, 2021 11:01 AM