Community Tutor
Hey guys! This evening I'd like to teach you how to use "pour" in French. In French there are many ways of saying "to" and we can use "à" or "de" depending on what verb we need to use in the sentence as some verb only go with "à" while others only go with "de". "Pour" is one way to say "to" in French but is used a little bit more specifically. ( P.S "pour" can also mean "for) The simplest way to remember how to use "pour" especially as an English speaker is to think of "in order to". Pour is used when trying to express purpose for doing something, I.e you're carrying out a function but there's a particular reason behind it. For example: Je me suis réveillé tôt ce matin pour être là première élève à l'école ! Je suis ici pour pratiquer mon français Il m'a appelé pour savoir si je voulais aller à la fête Do you have more examples? Please share in the comments to practice your French 😊
Nov 28, 2021 9:44 PM