It's raining here, I hope you can hear it clearly🥲
Feb 27, 2021 7:01 PM
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It's raining here, I hope you can hear it clearly🥲
You know what ? I think it’s really romantic and special to hear the sound of pouring raining form your side 😌
March 6, 2021
Hello Ayu, your pronunciation was nice in this recording. You spoke very clearly and everything was easy for me to understand. "by taking the train" will sound more natural than "I was going there by using train" I recommend either "It's a pretty cool place" or "It has a lot of pretty cool places." (I'm not certain, but I thought I heard "It's a pretty cool places." "Ambiance" would be a better word than "nuance" to describe the character or atmosphere of a place. "Aesthetic" is a tricky word. It is an adjective, but I don't think we simply say "______ is aesthetic" or "it feel aesthetic." (Here are some example sentences for aesthetic: https://sentence.yourdictionary.com/aesthetic I see that aesthetic usually appears immediately next to the noun it modifies...or in some sentences aesthetic is used in its noun form). It could be fine to say "it has a lot of aesthetic appeal." Or you could choose a different adjective such as beautiful, attractive, You're challenging yourself by using difficult vocabulary. Please don't worry if sometimes it is difficult to know all the nuances of how a certain word can be used in ways that will sound natural. You've done a very nice job with this recording, Ayu. Keep up your great efforts!
March 1, 2021
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