When I switch on the machine the first time the second gun didn't work. We thought, probably the problem in engine or in a software. Korean Supervisor suggested to restart the machine, but it didn't solved the problem. It is a special equipment which consists to parts, a dispenser and a ABM (Automatic bonding machine), from French and South Korea respectively. Each part has controler which have ability to push a glue from guns. There is not any priority among controlers. But the problem existed. Then, I had a phone call with service engineer, who is in charge of the French part of equipment. He recommend us to do some tests and send him the result, and he would resend them to the French department of this company. We implemented some tests, and the problem was disappeared, it was quite strange. Perhaps, the problem was in the software, not in mechanical part.
Feb 26, 2021 9:34 PM