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Hi, everyone! I am Kiky. Weekend soon coming! I am one of the Bahasa Indonesia Community Teacher. Here I tell you an interesting #popculture fact of Indonesia. Today is Friday and in English we have the term called #TGIF (Thanks God It's Friday). But then, I will share you in Bahasa Indonesia. In Indonesia we called it "Akhir Pekan", it is just translated as Akhir (End) and Week (Pekan). Most of people working in the office or some formal sectors will get holiday in the weekend. Culturally, youngster in Indonesia also do a Saturday Night ritual which we called as "Malam Mingguan*" (Evening of Sunday), when young romantic couple visit their lover, or just any kind of people from any age enjoying free evening before holiday with your friends. Is there any of you have experience in your culture related to weekend ritual? Please share in the comment! :) #weekend #culture Thank You! ____ Language Fact: The * word "malam mingguan" comes from word malam minggu which translated into English as Malam (Evening/Night), Minggu (Sunday) = Evening before Sunday. The syllable "an" make the adjective of time Malam Minggu to be "noun" and explain activity.
Oct 29, 2021 9:35 AM
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