Амир Юс
I am a native speaker of Russian I will be happy to help you I seriously want to learn English It doesn't matter if you are a native speaker or not Please help
Nov 1, 2021 3:12 PM
Answers · 12
Hi. What is your approximate level of English? Cuz If I don’t know enough Russian and you don’t know enough English we would just have to stare and smile at each other, not understanding what the other is saying. :P
November 18, 2021
Im interested to learn English from you
November 2, 2021
Hi Amir Yus! I'm sure I can help you to improve your English skills. I got my bachelor's degree in United States, so I can guarantee we will have lots of fun talking about different topics every class. Please come check my schedule and I hope to see you soon! :D
November 2, 2021
I’d be happy to help
November 1, 2021
Hi! I can help you. I can explain my teaching style and the materials I use once you book a class with me 😊 See you soon!
November 1, 2021
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