What advice would you give to anyone trying to learn Korean? There are several different ways to learn Korean depending on your goals. If your goal is just having a casual conversation with native speakers, you won’t need to know grammar rules too much. Otherwise , you will have more to study. I believe the easiest way is the best. Grammar rules are definitely helpful but if you get bogged down with them, you are missing the point that language is a tool for communication. When you start learning Korean from scratch, the very first step should be learning alphabet. There are tons of Youtube videos that will give you tips for practicing pronunciation and speaking. For beginners, it is important to learn sentences that you can use right away. Memorizing basic sentence patterns can be effective to learn the target language. By doing so, you can gradually make simple sentences. If you are an intermediate learner, watching movies and dramas are good ways to learn new words and expressions even cultural things. Pick one of your favorite shows. While you watch it, try to take note of phrases and words. Then, take some time to review them all without skipping expressions you don’t fully understand. Learning languages is a long journey which has no short cuts. It is tremendously hard to learn a foreign language totally different from your mother tongue as an adult. For effective learning, not only finding proper materials is important but also the learners’ persistence.
Nov 2, 2021 9:00 AM
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