Abdullah B
52/60 The present is our minute, today, and this year. The future is our present after a while. Which one is more important if we could separate the timeline? Some people believe in the future while others crave to enjoy the moment. In this essay, we will look at both sides before concluding a conclusion. humanity has an innate desire to live the moment and leave the future to take care of itself, this might be acceptable in terms of individuals, but governments have to protect their possibilities for the future, by planning precise secure plans then employee the resources of today for tomorrow to have a sustainable country. On the opposite, some are biased towards the future and enhance the lifestyle for the next generations which sounds reasonable as the generations duty towards each other. But is it vital to provide a comfy life for others rather than rejoice it yourself. the crux of the question here comes as which is more significant to take care of this present or of the next one, hence our now is damaged by the previous one. In a nutshell, I believe it's a round of chain you have to take it as the whole package. no exaggeration for our entertainment nowadays, nor neglecting any factors influencing our future. We reap in the future what we sowed in the past.
Jul 31, 2021 9:06 PM
Abdullah B
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