Cristina Rubio
Do you normally use a paper dictionary or an online one? What do you think are its main advantages? In the past I always used a paper dictionary but nowadays I usually use online dictionaries like Wordreferece, Cambridge, Collins or Rememberry. I think one advantage is that online dictionaries are faster that the paper ones. Another important advantage of online dictionaries is that you can hear the pronunciation of the words while in a paper dictionary you can only see the phonetics. The last advantage of online dictionaries is that you can use them in your mobile phone, and normally you take the mobile phone with you everywhere, so you can look up words anytime and everywhere without taking a book sometimes very heavy. Particularly, I love to use a dictionary extension called Rememberry. It is really useful for me because when I’m reading an article in English and I don’t understand a word, I select it and this extension translates the word into Spanish. This extension also let me save the English words and its translations in a list. Then, I can import that list to Anki, an application that helps to memorize vocabulary. Therefore, I think that online dictionaries not only help to look up words more easily, but also to learn that words more easily too.
Feb 25, 2021 7:30 PM