I was watching BTS' In The Soop today and in one of the episodes, RM asks Jimin what he intends to do after his shower, to which Jimin responded "글쎄요. 난..." which I saw was translated as "I don't know". The only terms I've known thus far to express that you don't know something was 몰라 and 모르겠다 so I did some reading to understand it more and what I gathered was that it directly translates as "Well", "Um/Hmm...", "Let's see..." etc as a remark one makes when you're not sure or not confident in your answer. However, Jimin stated it sort of....matter-of-factly(??) rather than with a tone one would expect a remark related to uncertainty to be delivered with. For this reason I'm a bit confused. Have I garnered a proper understanding of how this word is used? Are you supposed to say it in this way? Can someone please help me clear up my confusion?
Nov 5, 2021 5:20 PM
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"Well", "Um/Hmm...", "Let's see..." that you mentioned is the most common use of 글쎄(요). The way it is said can vary though. It is often said with hesitation but not always. Sometimes it is said clearly just like any other words. There is also a second use of the word, which is like an opening word when reiterating one's point, like "but I'm saying ..." (in an argument or heated discussion). This might look in conflict with the more common usage, but not necessarily so, since it's like a dismissive "whatever" on what the other person said. In this usage you typically say it more firmly with emphasis. E.g. 글쎄 내가 안 그랬다니까요 (I'm telling you again I didn't do it). I don't know exactly how that person said it, so, but as I said, it can be said firmly unlike an equivocating "Well, ..." or something similar.
November 6, 2021
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