Kristine Interviews
Professional Teacher
Hello! If you are a physician getting ready for medical residency interviews in the US, I can help! Last year, I worked with 19 physicians to prepare for medical residency interviews. It was exceptionally competitive because it was the first year of virtual interviews. Yet, twelve physicians contacted me to tell me they matched, though it's possible more matched. These are the programs where they are at this year and their specialties: -John Hopkins (Surgery) -SUNY Downstate in NY (Neurology) -UT Southwestern Medical Center (Internal Medicine) -University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (Pathology) -BronxCare Health System in New York (General Surgery) -Driscoll Children's Hospital (Pediatrics) -MetroWest Medical Center -Medical College of Wisconsin (Neurology) -Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia I provide physicians with feedback on the content and delivery of their answers and prepare them for potential cultural differences they may face during interviews. #interviews #physicians
Nov 6, 2021 1:57 AM