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BEGINNER: How to use Kiulizi/ interrogative pronoun GANI Let's say you're on a safari with your friend and sudenly your friend says " look at that sick girraffe " , when you turn you see many girraffes and its not immidiately clear which one your friend is talking about. Of course the next question you'll put to your friend is "which one?". In swahili we have a kiulizi (interrogative pronoun) that we can use in such cases. That is the word "GANI?" . This word can be used with both singular and plural form of a noun and it can be used just the way it is with any noun from any noun class ( kind of like plug n play). So you can't go wrong with this interrogative pronoun. Remember though it always comes after the noun. Some Eamples 1. Mwalimu gani? Which teacher? 2. Walimu gani? Which teachers? 3.Mkono gani? Which hand? 4. Mikono gani ? Which hands? 5. Ugonjwa gani? Which disease? 6. Magonjwa gani? Which diseases? 7. Gari gani? Which car? Have fun with it!
Nov 6, 2021 2:51 AM
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Wow! that's wonderful! Nimependa sana ulivyoelezea. Hongera sana.
November 11, 2021