I am just writing here to get my thoughts out: For most of my life since I was a teenager I have always had a laptop, but now technology both worries and scares me at times. It constantly evolving meaning that something better is always being made, that means whatever you have bought now might not be useful in at least 5 years time. So after my recent purchase of latest laptop I have decided I will no longer buy another laptop once this one stops working. In its place I will probably use a tablet or my phone. I know some people have desktops which last longer but due to the fact I will be moving a lot , buying a desktop won't be an option for me. Now I am just curious to know what other people have or use the most.
What do you use a home to wach or create media?
Tablet/ Ipad
Mobile Phone
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Nov 6, 2021 9:25 AM