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Interesting facts about Saint Petersburg (part 1) 1. There are 3 times fewer people living in St. Petersburg than in Moscow. 2. In terms of population, St. Petersburg ranks 2nd in Russia. 3. The city was founded in 1703 during the reign of Peter 1.At the same time, it received its name not in honor of the emperor, but in honor of St. Peter. 4. In the period 1712-1918 . St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia. 5. Approximately 3 million exhibits are stored in the famous Hermitage. To inspect them all, a person will need 8 years to continuously go around all the halls. 6. More people live in St. Petersburg, than in New Zealand. 7. It is curious that 15 American cities have the names "St. Petersburg". 8. Approximately 2 million people walk along the famous Nevsky Prospekt every day. 9. The Hermitage has 350 halls, which makes it the largest museum in the world. 10. 10% of the territory of St. Petersburg is covered by rivers and reservoirs. According to the large-scale zpesk city
Nov 6, 2021 5:26 PM
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SPB is a beautiful city. Would love to visit sometime in the future 😍
November 7, 2021