Rashmi Senarathne
Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival In Sri Lanka, it's generally know as, Aluth Awurudda. The Sinhala and Tamil New Year takes place at the beginning of the Lunar year, on April, where the whole island comes alive with colourful festivities and a vibrant spirit.It's a major festival that celebrated by all Sri Lankans. The story of this festival goes back to an ancient period in Sri Lankan history. In the run up to the New Year celebrations, Sri Lankans will prepare by cleaning and decorating their houses, making traditional sweets and desserts and spending time with loved ones and everyone share sweets and gifts each others.On this day people where their clothes according to the colors. It's mean there is a special color for each year and on this day it has special cultural items such as blessing their children with herbal oils, sharing the first home cooked meal of the year with family, setting off fireworks and playing games in the street.There lots of traditional game that playing during the festival.There is a period called as neutral. During this time people keep off from all the work and do nothing but engage in religious activities to get the blessing of their religion to prepare for the new year.On festival days like many other holidays, many businesses close so families are able to celebrate together. Sinhala and Tamil new year is a season it’s all about family focused celebrations. During this season people work in cities return to their hometown or village and celebrates the new year with their extended family.There are lots of fun game and activity also play an important part in new year celebrations.Playing the Rabana is a very special event. [Rabana, something like a drum] It is a large drum, people sit around and play during happy this games. This is mainly played by elderly females and sometimes involves dancing as well.This is a very interesting festival.
Nov 6, 2021 6:23 PM
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Hello, do you offer lessons of Sinhala? Thanks Stefano from Italy
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November 11, 2021
Wow! This is really beautiful and informative thank you for sharing. I would love to learn more about this celebration and more Sri Lankan traditions!
November 9, 2021