Why Gender equality is so important? Today, despite having innovation and technological advancements, the world has been struggling to reduce the gender gap in terms of basic rights and privileges. Almost all over the world, be it developed nations or poor countries, women are facing some type of prejudice at work and domestic level. In developed nations, their grievances are different than that of the poor- abortion rights, equal pay, homosexuality etc. In poor and developing nations, such as African and Asian countries, have been struggling for gaining primary rights and diminish domestic violence. In a recent report by the UN on gender equality, an appalling fact has been mentioned, says to merge gender gap 135.5 years would be required, before COVID-19 they were 99.5 years. But the question is why gender equality is so important; first, it provides equal chances to both men and women in their professional and private lives. Secondly, it is of paramount importance in terms of economic development, as when both men and women work they increase productivity rate and increase the GDP of a country, as is evident in some developed nations. Apart from this, giving equal chance to grow women will not encourage them to participate in the country decision making roles but also increase the country's credibility. Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, is a case in point, her charismatic leadership made the country socially and economically stable and drive it to innovation. This shows that women are politically rational and could steer the country on the right trajectory. In the end, gender equality is imperative for any country to become a socially, politically and economically strong nation. Also, giving women a fair chance and reducing stereotypes of them helps the country grow and creates a society more peaceful and egalitarian as has been mentioned above. Therefore every country, government and nation should work on giving equal chances to both men and women.
Nov 8, 2021 11:14 AM