Hello, the best community!  The #morefon2020 is a great solution for fight our common fears. It is a fear of mistake, fear of public speech, language barrier and so on. But the benefit of our challenge is much wider - friendly support helps us not to afraid to make new acquaintances, open minds to strangers, share a honest opinion. Isn't it beautiful?  The origin of human fears is explainable. But sometimes anxiety seems weird and turns into phobias. I want to tell you about some of mine and my ways to bear them)))  In my nightmares I often climb on stairs which are ruining under my feet. Yes, I hate usual, familiar stairs🤣🤣🤣 Especially those metallic ones, with space between steps. The most comic that I don't mind ladders, even more, I like to bounce on them))) Strange, eh?))) And imagine my "happiness" when I knew that at work I have to run up and down on my "favorite", metallic stairs several times a day!)) Nothing, I tried not to think about it - I had no choice. Now it's ok. I almost used to it)))  With respect to any living beings, I'm scared of the less dangerous of them - worms🤣🤣🤣 They can't run, they don't bite, they don't even notice your presence - so why those little pieces of flash are so scary and disgusting?))) But in one beautiful day my husband, passionate fisher, asked me to buy him a portion of  bloodworms (oh, just read how it calls, and it's pretty nice name 😅). Could you imagine how I was about to lose my conscience when the seller  took worms from the huge aquarium?))) How I beg to put them into eight bags and a nuclear was container? 😂 And the final nail to my coffin's cover - it turns out that I should carry this awful pack in the inner pocket if my jacket - because this fragile creatures can die at frost😱There was nowhere to retreat... Can't say that I begin to love worms... But can bear them. Anyway it's better than mosquitoes 🤣🤣🤣 (Continue in the comments below)
Dec 7, 2020 8:24 PM
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I was reading it and smiling, that's great, that you could overcome your fear, well done! Well I am claustrophobic...I can't be inside lifts, or inside metro if the trains stops on the tunnel. I start feeling panic. It is so irrational. But I wanted to go to Thailand very much ....10 house in the sky in plane....in close space....well my desire was stronger than my dear and I could do it!
December 8, 2020
But the strongest my phobia - it's fear to seem stupid, funny, weak. Confess my oddities and foolish worries. I hate being exposed. And today I face this my fear too. I know it will make me stronger and more confident. And what do you afraid of?)))  P. S. There's another phobia of mine on the drawing. I still cannot bear it. But I work over it)))
December 7, 2020