Cyrill Human
Day 8 Let me talk about how I write my posts. Usually I do that in the end of the day. I put it off to the evening so that I could have some topics, because a lot of stuff could happen during the day. I get the most intimate insights when I do yoga. I'm lying in my saddle pose or doing a breathing exercise, I get so many thoughts flying around. No distraction, silent room, only ideas floating in the air, wishing to be picked up. There are so elusive. If you don't jot them down in time, they disappear. That's why authors always try to write every thought down. Especially good ones. You can't write if there's no inspiration. You rack your brain, every nook and cranny of your thinking box, but you don't find anything. You're empty. "Fill your box first and come again" says your imaginary concierge. There's nothing to be tapped to. Clean slate. Don't force yourself too much. Nothing will come out of it. The muse could come to you at any moment. In the shower, on the bus, during meditation. Your task is tidy up your box for her, make her want to come into your house. Make some tea, hear her out. Sometimes she has a lot to say, but only if she likes the surroundings. #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki
Dec 8, 2020 1:57 PM