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What about grammar? 📚 #moreфон2020 🌊 Believe me, English grammar is not that difficult. If you still think that English grammar is too hard to learn, you are probably using the wrong learning methods. What makes English grammar so special? ✅ There is no grammatical gender. English doesn’t distinguish between masculine, feminine, and neutral. ✅ Verb conjugation is pretty simple. You need to memorise only two forms for the present. Irregular verbs might take some time, but things will get easier when you learn them. ✅ Noun conjugation is super simple. You probably remember that there are six different cases in Russian. You don’t have to memorise several variations of the same word in English. My beginner students use Present Simple most of the time, and it is completely normal. The more they practise, the fewer mistakes they make. I understand how hard it can be in the beginning, I’ve been there 👐🏻 What do you find most challenging about English grammar?
Dec 8, 2020 4:41 PM