Hello🙋🏻‍♀️( I had problem with my internet connection I thought I posted now I’m checking but there’s nothing🤦🏻‍♀️) Day8 #Changes: As the Holland changed to the Netherlands(officially on all the papers, you cannot write Holland anymore), so does Macedonia changed to North Macedonia🇲🇰 The main reason was an intention to join NATO; plus, there’s a place in Greece with the same name. For me as a “history fan”, Alexander the Great comes when hearing Macedonia. The food is Balkan&Mediterranean(tho it’s landlocked country)with Turkish influence. But when I have been searching I thought “Turkish influence” is huge, because food is really similar but the name a bit changed. Food: 🌶 Ajvar – Pepper Spread 🍽 Pastrmajlija – Macedonian Pizza 🍽 Kebapi – Grilled Minced Meat Sausages 🍽 Zelnik – Filo / Phyllo Stuffed Pie Macedonian language is written in the Cyrillic alphabet🙌🏻(I wrote for English speakers how to read😬) 🗣 Hello = Zdravo= Здраво 🗣 Thank you = Blagodaram= Благодарам P. S. WHO CAN GUESS THE NEXT COUNTRY?😃 #moreфон2020#moreфон_italki#italki #tradie#unknown#gem#northmacedonia#macedonian#language#learning
Dec 9, 2020 11:45 AM