Day 9. Today I'd like to show you something piquant😂 I walked today (I returned only about 1 hour ago) and while I was outside I was thinking about how much I miss summer😢🌞It's so cold now, my face and my hands started to freeze almost immediately😞Also during the winter I have problems with my skin because of this cold weather. That's why even though normally I enjoy being outside but in a winter I am able to do it only for 40-50 minutes (1 hour maximum) and very rarely. By the way, this caricature was made in 2015 when we spent the summer holiday at the Black Sea. And I was dressed while the artist was drawing me so this body is only his imagination 😂 I'd like to be so thin, though...but on condition that my head would be smaller😅 (Feel free to correct my mistakes :)
Dec 9, 2020 3:00 PM