Solar day 9/30      The oldest rooster the better soup I used to spend every summer in my village when I was a kid. My grandparent had some hens. Being a five something years old kid, I loved chasing the hens. My goal was to catch at least three hens per day. Although, there was indeed a big rooster. Every time when the rooster saw me chasing the hens it ran towards me to peck me. Consequently, I had a crazy fight against the rooster that defended the hens. Yeah. I was a bit of a handful.       After 2 years, the bravest rooster that I have ever met got old. Consequently, my grandfather killed the rooster to make a soup. A long story short, it was the best soup that I have ever tasted. Every time when I was scared of something I tried to recall that taste of the soup. It filled me with confidence.
Dec 9, 2020 8:19 PM