Cyrill Human
Day 9 Let's me talk about the days I was in the army. I served for only 1 year (thank God). It's not much comparing to 25 years that it used to be. Basically I lost/wasted this year of my life. I haven't learned much from that experience. I survived this hell. Some people say that every man should go through that and the army makes a man out of a boy. I say it's BS. Some say that if you haven't served, you're not the man. I say if you haven't served, you're a smart or a lucky man. I wasn't so lucky. Though, I can't complain with the places I got into. I was pretty lucky with that. First, they sent me to a sergeant training course. I spent 5 months there. The place happened to be situated in my region, but another city. It was a pretty poor place, the buildings were old, soviet times. We were paid though. Wanna know how much? 2000 rubles a mouth. We had a special credit card to which money would come onto. The year was 2012. So after spending some "quality" time at sergeant school, they sent us at Tskhinval, South Ossetia. It was a pretty dangerous place. They had a war in 2008 with Georgia. Thank God I wasn't drafted at that time. It was a much fancier place. The buildings looked new, we had better uniform, they even paid us more. I was paid 13000 rubles a month. It was 6 times better than I had before. There I shot a big rocket launcher (Grad 21), AK-47, threw a grenade. Thank God they didn't make me kill anyone. The time flew so slow there. I can't say that I was abused by other soldiers. Though, our captain was really crazy. He would beat the hell of someone just because he felt like it. He was crazy. Well, army makes a lot of people crazy. In conclusion to this post I could say that they shouldn't force people to go to army. It shouldn't be mandatory. It should be done voluntarily. Like police force. Like any other job. The army we have today has broken so many young boys. What do you think?
Dec 9, 2020 11:55 PM
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Pretty nice story, and I would say it was good for you though, it made who you are today, even if you can't see it. Not meaning that you wouldn't be good without it. It just did something.
December 10, 2020