10/30 In this year I have learned how to be conscious with money. Due COVID-19 my income in 2020 went down in 60% to compare with 2019 and my main goal was to teach myself how to use my salary in the most efficient way and how to keep my saving money in same amount which I had before the pandemic. My salary is different from month to month and before every payment day I create a list with monthly expenses. Firstly, I count necessary expenses such rent and bills. Thanks god, I don’t have any bank loans! Secondly, I decide how much do I allowed to use in one day. In December, for example, it’s 130 crowns which gives 13€. I multiple 130 with 30 and get 3900 crowns which I allowed to use in my pin needs. To control my expenditures I use an application where I put this number and it shows me my current amount which I allowed to use. If I succeed to spend less I save this money for the future because I don’t know what happens in next months. Thirdly, I subtract all my necessary payments from my money which I got and then I transfer the remainder to my other account. Those money I can use in next month. Fourthly, I plan every purchase and I plan what I will cooking for the hole week. To save money I use an app with weakly discounts. Fifthly, I don’t buy clothes and other beauty products. I use everything with I have from the time before COVID-19. Such planning helps me to be more calm in my daily life and be sure that I want stay without money.
Dec 10, 2020 12:45 AM