Cyrill Human
Day 11 Okay, let me tell you a little story how I once went for burritos in army. It's kind of forbidden to order any other food from outside, but as they said "it's allowed if you wasn't caught". We ate only canteen food which was not great. We were given wooden fish every dinner. Nobody ate this abomination who knows from what kind of places😂 That's why our little shop was so popular on the premises. We would always go there. Sometimes we would skip the common canteen and go to the shop straight away. We bought candy bars, soft drinks, basically anything sweet that could make us forget that in the army, at least for some minutes. Those tastes reminded us of home. So I thought why I wouldn't I go to buy some burritos. I just curious how it was done. It was done pretty easy if you think about it. You call a local pizza joint and order it. Bob's your uncle, right? Well, that how I thought it would go down. So we got to the barbed wire wall to wait for a delivery guy, which had to arrive in a minute. This burrito buying practice had been done many many times before and no one was caught. Guess what happens with us. Of course we were caught. Some people saw us loitering around close to the wall and called up anti-terror group. We were so afraid when armed soldiers started circling around us, shouting slurs (Oh, year, you can't get by without curse words in the army. Every command they said contained at least one swear word in it😂 After when I came back home, I couldn't switch to my normal talking. I swore after every second word☺️) It's not the whole story. It's just part 1, otherwise I won't fit into an Instagram post. So, to be continued then. Cliffhanger😌 #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki
Dec 11, 2020 11:38 PM