Carlos Tapia
Recent research about what the better choice is, whether living at home while attending school or live on one's own, shows how far the two positions are from each other. Irrespective of how long the issue has been to debate, there are still firmly opposited stances in both sides. We could state the more it is discussed, the less certain a possible agreement seems. On the one hand, there are those living away from their family home who advocate enjoying freedom. It is the idea of living in one's own that results more attractive to them. A big percentage of the students surveyed couldn't stand the idea of coming to live back with their parents again. On the other hand, the pupils supporting the side of living at home defend not only the cheaper life they have but the comfortable the day-to-day is. I would dare to affirm that this position is claimed because they can hardly make ends meet. I am sure if they could afford living on their own, they would do it. Some advantages should be taken into account when you live at family home, so I think less time are lost doing home chores because the tasks are usually shared. Thus you can more easily focus on your studies. What is more, you can save some money as well since you mustn't pay bills and taxes.
Oct 7, 2020 6:08 AM
Carlos Tapia
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