Aoi Yamaguchi
Language challenge Today is the 21st of my 30 day challenge. I read some interesting news about cigarettes. Philip Morrison CEO has said cigarette sales could end in many countries within 10-15 years and a lot of smokers would switch to smoke-free products. 1:what do you make of the claim that cigarette sales could end in many countries within 10 to 15 years? I hope it will happen in near future. I have never smoked in my life so it’s difficult for me to imagine how smokers will feel about this news. I believe everyone knows that smirking has a high risk to be lung cancer and diabetes. If all smokers can switch and start using smoke- free products which are said releasing less chemical stuff and much better choice than cigarettes, it would be good to both smokers and non-smokers. 2:is there anything you would like to change about country’s smoking rules or laws? In Japan, we have smoking rooms in public places and I think that’s a very good idea to separate people into smoking people and non smoking people. I can’t put up with people who smoke while walking in front of other people. I would like to punish those people by changing country’s routes.
Oct 9, 2020 7:01 AM
Aoi Yamaguchi
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