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The financial website Investopedia defines  the American Dream as "the belief that anyone can attain their version of success in a society where upward mobility is possible for everyone." The upcoming movie "Minari" features the story of a Korean immigrant family who strives to achieve that "American Dream" in the U.S. It further follows the struggles and joys of the family amid their rough journey to achieving success in the unfamiliar country. I probably won't be able to fully empathize with the characters in this movie since I'm not American nor an immigrant. But I think that it won't be that hard to instinctively understand the desires and anguish of the Korean family who struggle to better their lives in their new home country, considering that we all want a successful life from the beginning. With its aesthetic cinematic style that is reminiscent of a live-action movie of a Ghibli's animated film, "Minari" is coming to the theater to deliver a resounding message to the audience across the world. (Minari is a Korean term that refers to "watercress." In particular, a minari salad dish has a connotation of a popular side dish among the elders. The writer of this movie might have considered minari a subject matter that symbolizes an authentic Korean matter, which contrasts with that of America.) https://youtu.be/KQ0gFidlro8
Oct 12, 2020 12:20 PM
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