I hit the sack a bit earlier than usual because I felt disgusted by certain news. One Youtuber plays music. One fan had a crush him. And then she went to one of his live shows two years ago and it was later asked if she would like to meet in private. They got in the car but she was not told where they were going. They end up a love hotel and he forced himself on the woman. It was said that he didn’t wear any protection. He told her to start taking the pill. As the woman like him, she started taking the pill and they continued to meet. She said that she decided to come out and say this is not to trash this person but to prevent this from happening to other women. She realized that this guy flirted with some another fan girls. But ever since going public, she's faced a backlash on social media. There were many names She have got: honey trap, prostitute.  If this is true, this is rape. It is not “wow, look at what he did!” but felony. We must not go easy on even he is a celebrity.
Oct 14, 2020 2:01 AM
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