Mannoo Gupta
My hometown is in the state of uttar pradesh which is famous for having more population in india around 230 million. But my local areas is located in small village whereas according to me only 40 families lives over there therefore people were living under privilege few years back but now except my family everyone have all basic amenities which needs for survive in the village. Unfortunately i am still striving to complete all the basic requirment to my mom as well to my sibling. Currently i am away from native place since 15 years. Sometimes whenever i get chance to visit hometown i do prefer once in a year especially when i missed my mom. The reason behind it staying so far is to achieve goals and fullfill my parents needs. Till the age of 10 years i was dwelling with my parents then when i became 11 years old i left my hometown for the first time and shifted myself with maternal uncle in mumbai which is known as city of financial capital india. The main moto was to complete education as my parents were not able to pay school fees and basic needs. So i determined to stay here in mumbai with my maternal uncle who runs their own business which was a small restraunt where i worked as a waiter initially after few months i insisted that i wanted to go to school later eventually i got the admission and started my educational journey while working in the restraunt. I think this is enough for the day because i have lots of things to share which i can describe in another parts because it already became long story. I hope you like this short story.
Oct 14, 2020 3:39 PM
Mannoo Gupta
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