My essay When Dumbledore stayed Harry Potter alone in his cabinet, the boy noticed a Pensieve. He fell in it and learned things which he shouldn’t have known. What do you think about curiosity? Is it a good or a bad quality? Should people keep the secrets they’ve learned accidentally? Is it a hard work? I think curiosity is a good quality. Because this thing helps little babies to know something new and remember it. They also notice how their adults speak and repeat after them. Well, and how about people who lost interests in everything? These people usually have a depression or panic attacks. Doctors say they have to find something that will bring back their curiosity and make them happier. But, from the other side, a lot of curiosity aren’t good. If you nose somebody’s deals, people won’t be keen to prolong talk with you. Once Dumbledore said to Harry: «Curiosity wasn’t a sin. But we should exercise caution with our curiosity». And I think it’s right words. And, of course, people have to get used to the idea of them keeping someone’s secret. It’s not like a pice of cake, indeed. But it will their responsibility.
May 23, 2021 8:25 PM
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