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Share your goal of Language Challenge 2021! Take a screenshot and let's cheer for each other!
Jan 13, 2021 1:12 PM
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I just signed up and I'm excited to get started! 16 hours to improve my 中文! Scheduling all my lessons now...
9 days ago
My goal is 24 lessons. I'm learning Japanese (70%) and also Vietnamese (30%) First lesson tomorrow! Great start to 2021!
9 days ago
我的目標12個小時! I take 12 hours of lessons for my goal!
9 days ago
It would be nice if you did a challenge that was worth while and had better incentives. To reach 24 hours i would have to spend over $600 for my classes and all i would get is $25 some badge and a shirt? You guys should make other categories and awards for people who cant afford to take this challenge eps when so many people have lost their jobs.
8 days ago
Signed up for the 24 hours goal! Focused learning for my Urdu and Farsi class.
8 days ago
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