diego atencio
Hi, I'm Diego and I would like to practice my english with someone and If anyone is interested in learning spanish, I can help you... Thanks ! Hola, soy Diego me gustaría practicar mi inglés con alguien y si alguien quiere aprender español con gusto lo puedo ayudar... Gracias !
Nov 28, 2020 2:48 AM
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Puedo ayudarte con inglés.💯
November 28, 2020
Hi, Diego! I am relearning Spanish after many years of not using it. I’m rusty but very enthusiastic (I’m spending my free time on vocab and reading and listening to Spanish books). I’m from the USA, would love to help you practice English, and am pretty easy going :) Add me here on italki so I can direct message you if you’re interested!
November 28, 2020