Moreфон 2020_Day 0 Hi everyone! Tomorrow moreфон 2020 will start and I really want to take part in it! Maybe, it would be quite difficult to write all thirty days but I hope I'll cope! I think this idea is amazing, because it can really improve your English skills. So, this is my introduction in the 'Day 0': I am Ivan from Moscow, the capital of Russia🇷🇺 I'm 15 years old and now I study in school. To describe my life with three words, I'd use 'study', 'study' and study'. But of course, everything is more interesting and more cool, than it could seem now. So, during the moreфон, I will write about my usual days, about my activities, about my thoughts, about my news, about my culture... I'm sure that it will be useful for my English and I hope my texts could be interesting for someone. If you want to discuss something, feel free to write me! And please, if you are a native speaker or if you know English better than me (and if you have enough time), correct my texts! So, let's start tomorrow! And even today I understood that my works will be bigger than 5 sentences... But I guess, it isn't a big problem :)
Nov 30, 2020 9:17 PM