#moreфон2020 Day 1/30 - Greetings ⠀ Hello! I'm a cat. My name is Max. Do you know the Mad Max movie? Sure. It's about me. I am a very active cat! And although I am less than four kilograms in weight, I am very persistent, nimble and courageous. I am a real hunter and predator. Especially when I'm bored. ⠀ My slave lives with me. She will soon turn 28 and she still hasn't found dad for me. It is so boring — to live without men in a flat. Her name is Karina and I love her only because she feeds me. ⠀ In this marathon, I will tell you a little about the life of a cat in an apartment during a pandemic, about my mistress and our loneliness with her. Because we have one loneliness for two of us. So, start it!)
Dec 1, 2020 1:04 PM