输入法 - Input Method ___ 你用什么输入法?我目前用我笔记本电脑内装的输入法,因为我已经习惯了。最近我朋友推荐了搜狗输入法,所以我决定试试看。搜狗输入法跟别种比起来有什么特点呢?或者你能分享比较好的输入法也能说出它的优点吗? What input method do you use? I currently use my laptop's built-in input method because I'm already used to it. Recently my friend recommended Sogou input method, so I decided to try it out. What kind of special features does Sogou input method have compared to other input methods? Or can you share a better input method and describe its merits?
Dec 9, 2020 7:54 AM
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输入法 - Input Method ___ 你用什么输入法?我目前*用的是我笔记本电脑内*已安装的输入法,因为我已经习惯了。最近我朋友*给我推荐了搜狗输入法,所以我决定试试看。搜狗输入法跟别*的比起来有什么特点呢?或者你能分享*更好的输入法*和说出它的优点吗? 作了一些修改。
December 13, 2020