- You are a beautiful, wonderful and talented person! - You got me mixed up with somebody else, excuse me ... - You stupid, ugly moron! - Yes, this is definitely about me, I will take this information into my head and I will digest it there for several years. For some reason, we easily accept negative beliefs. And we have to work on ourselves, go to trainings, consult a psychologist and work out children's complexes to accept positive information. I liked the words of one of my clients that if we set alarms and the washing machine, then why we not program the brain. With the help of thetahealing, you can really qualitatively shift our thinking, replace negative attitudes (for example, beliefs on the theme of love "beats means loves / love brings pain / love is evil") and load positive ones. I strongly recommend you guys with all my might. #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki
Dec 10, 2020 3:57 PM