Hello, the best community!!! I congratulate you with 1/3 of our hard way! Despite of all troubles we made the hardest distance, overcame our fears, found new friends and, I hope, uncover a second breath))) At least, I do))) Guys, if you look back, do you see your improvement? In which fields? As for me, I wrote my first verse in English, draw some drawings which even I like it myself and learn to speak without hesitation. Not only in English. And the Community likes any of my tries, and I'm so grateful to you! ))) I already dream about the next Morefon and that's why I want to ask your opinion. What I should do next time? Support every my post with a drawing to compare how my skill was changed in a year? Or to write my diaries also in Finnish, the language of my heart, which I give up to learn because of a lack of motivation? Or, maybe, you'd like to hear my simple, but sincere verses? I wait for your suggestions in a comments))) I promise to work over the chosen skill all the year. But don't forget the other ones! And I want to say my respect to people who make this challenge fun and bright. To all the Community - guys, you're just remarkable!!!
Dec 10, 2020 6:22 PM
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I like your drawings, but I would recommend to start learning Finnish again and try Finnish next year, cause you said it is a language of your heart, so it's better not to give up and of course keep creating verses, maybe later you can do it in Finnish and continue drawing:) good luck!
December 10, 2020