Day 11/30 TV series Witcher Witcher and Witcher again! I am a huge fan of the Witcher world, book, game and now TV series. First time when I started reading Anjey Sapkowski "Witcher", I couldn't put the book away, I was fully absorbed with this masterpiece, the plot is fascinating, the characters are vivid! I fell in love with Gerald of Rivia, Yennifer of Vengerberg and Lady of the Worlds Cirilla of Cintra. The book is full of swords, magic, adventures, intrigues, monsters, war, kings, humour, folklore characters. Then I played the Witcher Wild Hunt and the way how Gerald, Yen, Ciri and Triss are depicted is exactly the same as I pictured them in my head, even better. The game is just jaw dropping! And finally the TV series was presented to the fans, who were waiting for it impatiently! Some people were dissapointed cause the plot doesn't really match the book and some events were changed. Well, I guess that's to be expected. I wasn't looking for resemblance while watching that's why I really enjoyed every bit of the TV series. The battle scenes are plausible, Henry Cavill as Gerald is amazing (maybe a bit too handsome, as in book the witcher is described as ugly, but it's ok), Jaskier (Lyutic) is just perfect, all in all it is riveting and well filmed. Moreover, the song "Toss a coin to your Witcher" became a hit. So, if you are a fan of fantasy I highly recommend to read, to play and to watch the Witcher. If you are a fan of the Witcher but haven't watched a TV series yet then give it a try, it is quite decent. Blood of fallen kings Blades of chaos ring Steel and silver sing For justice Wake the White Wolf at the dawn of war The end of the age is a-coming now
Dec 11, 2020 6:26 AM
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I recommend you to play the first game about Witcher. It's a bit old, but it's a masterpiece. The game has many things related to the books that make playing much interesting.
December 12, 2020
I am fan games too. after your letter I really wanted to read books.🤔
December 11, 2020