Practice for 11/10, 11/30, 12/2 就要/快要下雪了吗? 还有二十分钟我妹妹就要睡醒了。 你妈妈和我谈话,在玩玩。 我就想再觉得开心。 我想要再养一只狗。 我能麻烦你今天再呆在办公室里一会儿吗? 你觉得你的医生怎么样? 你的学期怎么样? Is it about to snow? My sister will wake up in twenty minutes. Your mom and I are talking, keep playing. I just want to enjoy myself again. I want to raise another dog. Can I trouble you to stay at the office a bit longer today? What do you think about your doctor? How is your semester going? (How might one say, “how was your semester”?) Thanks!!
Dec 11, 2020 7:05 AM
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Practice for 11/10, 11/30, 12/2 就要/快要 下雪了吗? 还有二十分钟我妹妹就要睡醒了。 你妈妈和我在谈话、玩。 我 就/只是 想再次使自己开心。 我想要再养一只狗。 (我)能麻烦你今天在办公室里再呆一会儿吗? 你觉得你的医生怎么样? 你这学期怎么样?
December 11, 2020
就要/快要下雪了吗? correct 还有二十分钟我妹妹就要睡醒了。 typo 再 你妈妈和我谈话,在玩玩。 你再玩玩 sounds more natural 我就想再觉得开心。 我只是想重新享受生活。 we don't have a expression for enjoy oneself, it jas to refer to a specific thing. 我想要再养一只狗。 correct 我能麻烦你今天再呆在办公室里一会儿吗? incorrect 我能麻烦你今天再在办公室待一会吗? 我能麻烦你今天在办公室再呆一会吗? 你觉得你的医生怎么样? 你的学期怎么样? Grammatical correct, sounds odd. 你这学期怎么样。
December 11, 2020