11.12.2020 Today was not bad today. I bought a present for my mother (tomorrow's her birthday). I bought an electric massager (it doesn't electrocute so hard so it's OK) (I tested it and it was pleasant sensations - it tingles a little😋) and then I did an English class with one girl (her name's Darya) later I'll attach the words that we learned today😊 Then I prepared for my class in university. The subject was diplomatic protocol and etiquette. I took an interesting theme for my report. It was about language in the diplomatic report. I have learned so many interesting things. For example it turned out there are lots of new words using "Trump" (there are some pics about it). And I found out some new information about feminization in French. I prepared an interesting report. In addition, I think my groupemates didn't appreciate it. I'm sort of odd in this group. But I accepted it and if before I took it so seriously, now - I think it's my power because I'm not like the others I have my own view on this world yes it differs from theirs and it's very very good.
Dec 11, 2020 7:30 PM