Hi, the best community! I just glanced at my bookshelf and suddenly realized that any of items on in has a story to tell. I can't afford to buy all books I want, I mostly buy electronic versions, so almost every paper copies, especially English ones, was taken in interesting circumstances or from interesting people. So it's not only collection of amazing stories, but also precious memories. And both I want to share with you today. 1. "The ocean at the end of the lane" by Neil Gaiman. This adult tale was a first novel I was able to read by myself. And from that time I became a huge fan of this writer! His stories have both grown, serious and naive, childish points of view, and that's amazing! 2. "Dandelion wine" by Ray Bradbury. A gift from one great person and beloved story. It was hard, but pleasantly to read it. How light and sweet and tender is a summer when you're kid! 3. "Emergency" by Neil Strauss. It should be something between self-help and survival literature... But it turned out to remarkable thing with unusual plot and unexpect twist. It's just everything - a biography of extraordinary person, a cool action with heart-sinking episodes, a tragicomedy, a role model! I recommend, no, I insist you to read this one! 4. "The diary of nobody" by Weedon and George Crossmith. The most valuable gift I ever had. From the language assistant who called me his colleague. Just imagine what it meant to a humble maid! But it is as well a very cozy, nice, a little bit Chechovian sad story about a small person, unremarkable but friendly family of real English gentleman. 5. "Luonnon laki" by Kari Hotakainen. It's on Finnish and I only dream to read it))) But it's good motivation to learn another language, isn't it?))) There's just a few the most important books for me. It's my preccccious😂😂😂 Hope you find something interesting in this top-5))) If not - tell what books do you like)
Dec 12, 2020 6:12 PM