我家附近的风味小馆 --- 我家附近有一家很好吃的饭馆叫金元宝,英文名叫 "Mayflower"。 其实金元宝和 “Mayflower”不仅意思不同,而且这两个名字也很普通,所以饭馆名字听起来没趣。饭馆的区也不太好,让人觉得那边肯定找不到好吃的餐馆。尽管如此,金元宝的菜不但好吃而且又便宜。我最近吃的外卖包括雪菜鱼片,家常豆腐,上海小炒,和木须肉。我最喜欢吃的菜就是上海小炒因为笋子炒的非常好吃。 There is a very nice restaurant in my neighborhood called 金元宝. It's English name is Mayflower。金元宝 and Mayflower not only have different meanings, but also are very generic names, so the restaurant is not recognizable by it's name. The area around the restaurant is also not very nice, so this isn't a place you would to expect find delicious food. Despite this, the food here is not only delicious but also affordable. Our most recent take out order here consisted of mustard greens with fish slices, house special tofu, Shanghai Stir Fry, Mu-Shu Pork (Pork with Scrambled Eggs). My favorite dish is the Shanghai Stir Fry because its bamboo is cooked really well.
Dec 13, 2020 5:33 AM
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It looks like very nice
June 3, 2021
首先,你的整篇短文没有什么错误可以说近乎完美,除了这一句“饭馆的区也不太好,”从你的英文译文中猜到,应该将它改为:“饭馆所处的区域也不太好”会顺畅些。Hope it helps!
December 13, 2020