Day 13/30 Ritual It was a dark dark night... - It didn't work...- the girl said sadly - It didn't - a big red Cat agreed - Why? - young witch exclaimed! - Well, let's check the list, did we conduct the ritual of summoning the demon correctly? - Cat suggested. - ok, pentagram? Done! A cat? - obviously? - but you are red...maybe the black cat is needed ...- young witch said thoughtfully... - what do you suggest? To dye my fur? Don't be silly, any cat suits. What's next? - dried bat, skin of snake, eyeball of toad, scales of dragon, fang of werewolf, feather of Phoenix? Done! Is it full moon? - it surely is! - Hm...then what's wrong? - did you pronounce conjuration correctly? - of course I did! - maybe we need a blood of...I don't know Or infant? - Cat said - There is nothing about blood in the book...Ok, I'll try one more time. - do it with...emotion, let it go from your heart! The young witch started reading incantation. Finally the pentagram starter sparkling and shining. A minute later the beautiful man appeared in the center of magical circle...well...almost man...with small horns, tail and bat like wings. The girl stared at the demon guy surprisingly, she didn't expect that the ritual actually worked. The Cat hissed. - Not again! - young demon cried! Why every time I am being summoned by stupid young wizards and witches! Well, what do you want... - I...I..I...erm... - Say what you want from me and leave me be! The rest of the story is unknown, only that the witch and the summoned demon became good friends
Dec 13, 2020 7:45 AM