Svetlana Egof
Let's have a ritual!) what's it? I read about "ritual" in Wikipedia for better understanding and there are so many kinds of these actions! For e.g.: - presidental inauguration, - marriages, - funerals, - ceremonies and so on... I am not religion person, "love is my religion", as sung by Ziggy Marley. I do some actions regularly and I can call some of them "my daily ceremony". I pray for the strength to live to God as I understand him. 1. I do hatha yoga every morning (but only the last 2 months, I hope I will continue) 2. I do written self-analysis (occasionally, but again, I've been writing for 2 last month it, before 31 December) 3. I go for a walk and can think aloud 4. When it's warm I run I have to be join this world, people, myself. And these actions help me go out from invented problems, negative thoughts, be more friendly and kind. Do you do anything like that?
Dec 13, 2020 2:23 PM