Today's topic is "whining"? Wait, wait! I prepared maybe the most cheerful topic for you, but how I can lose a chance to whine a little?))) As in the Russian tales we have the Ivan- the fool, the most clever and kind character, as well in Finnish culture is the Unlucky man. They even have a national Loser's day. So I'm a national hero of Finland!))) Even this fact makes me stop whining. 😁 Who am I to complain on Murphy's law? I guess it's older than gravity))) Actually, I hate to whine. Sometimes you don't know what event will lead to your benefits. As example, now I have a blush on my eyes, isn't it bad? But I shouldn't go to work while there's so slippery. Isn't it good?)) And because of that I collect for you some dark, but wise jokes. ... Life is like zebra. Black stripe, white stripe... And than a tail and a full ...! Optimist see a light in the end of a tunnel. Realist see a train, entering a tunnel. Pessimist see a train, rushing on him.... Machinist see these idiots, sitting on the rails. (My motto!) Optimist studies English. Pessimist studies Arabic. Realist studies how to deal with Khalashnikov. (Sorry))) Wait for your variants)))
Dec 14, 2020 7:27 PM
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I can't think about any variants, but this text made me smile:)
December 14, 2020